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  • Our banner, 'No dating' territory in Mass Media

    THE International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) has become the first “no dating place” in the country.

    A banner has been put up at its Gombak campus to warn the students from dating in the university compound.

    The banner reads: “IIUM is an Islamic territory. No dating. Allah is watching us.”

    It is placed at a square near some shops and a bank.

    A visitor to the campus came across the banner and took a photograph of it.

    According to a IIUM undergraduate, the banner was not an initiative by the university authorities.

    “It was put up by Maaruf Club in conjunction with the Campus Dakwah Project during Ramadhan,” he said.

    The club’s aims, among others, are to encourage students to perform the good, avoid the bad and to monitor the students’ moral conduct.

    This article posted by DailyChilli.com, one of the news media in Malaysia.

    These are some of the comments from the visitor from that site:

    Comments (40)

    • My Man
      Probably in IIUM, the students' moralities are bad until this club has to put the banner....

      I've heard from my good friend from there, some foreigners still practising 'free sex' and sometimes in their tutorial rooms. But for locals, they are just hypocrite. When outside the campus, wear sexy outfits without scarft and be GROs???!!

      Please clearify...

    • sya
      I hear the same thing too..
    • Pisang Ngang
      Wahh My Man,you can pass me e contact ka? I've oso heard from stories in other colleges and U,but only thru personal reco only get.
      Of cos not in the college or U compound la, faham faham lo.
      Pls notify....
    • graceMIsspell
      too bad...! can u really STOP them from doing what they want to do? How if they are of the same kind & in the same room?
    • not the real issue!
      oh.. cmon go back to quran and see what's the real issue, dating is not the issue, what's in ur heart and soul and practising sexual immorality is the real deal.Do you seriously think that banner will help? God knows everyone's heart. They dont have to put up the banner to make themselves look righteous.
    • individualista
      if one wants to be a GRO or even a pure and innnocent human, its all up to them and its all in their mindset...why must someone be busy body of what others is doing? its their freaking life and dating is put up to such a huge issue?? hhmm...i wonder is relligion is just a relligion or its made up to be a law which the society is forced to obey the rules..where gone our 21st century mindset and will we still want to be considered as 3rd world country still??
    • individualista
      if one wants to be a GRO or even a pure and innnocent human, its all up to them and its all in their mindset...why must someone be busy body of what others is doing? its their freaking life and dating is put up to such a huge issue?? hhmm...i wonder is relligion is just a relligion or its made up to be a law which the society is forced to obey the rules..where gone our 21st century mindset and will we still want to be considered as 3rd world country still??
    • Shogun
      This article should be displayed in Yahoo news, MSN, CNBC, BBC etc...
      Malaysia Boleh!
    • hmmm
      it appears that stupid people with stupid comments are judging people with islamic knowledge....poor malaysia
    • Geezzz
      Once again Malaysia has made the headlines and once again for all the wrong reasons. To allow a club to put up the banners is in a way sanctioning what the club does as nothing gets done without the approval of the university's authorities.

      Is there no other way to encourage young adults to be more wary of their moral conduct or behaviour for that matter? Must everything be rules, rules and more outdated rules of "No you can't do this and no, you can't do that?".

      Give it a thought ladies and gentlemen. Where are we heading today?
    • Geezzz
      By the way "Hmmm", no name calling please. To call another person names or to label them as stupid means you are obviously out of constructive ideas to put across to our learned readers here. That is the lowest point you can sink in a barrel.

      We are all here to agree to disagree with one another. This is place for one to express our views and not to belittle another. Belittling another person just shows your level of intelligence - Which I do not think that you are stupid or maybe I am wrong - are you?
    • Cleopatra
      This itself shows that the university rule is not effective.. Stop wasting time by doing this and go review the university rules and regulations. Enforce an effective rules to curb the social problems...
    • reader
      lets be real people, first of all, who feel the banner intimidate them or at least feel uneasy with the banner existence?

      Alhamdulillah, that mean you know that dating and coupling is wrong, but you still doing it cause its fun. you just need a leap to think through on how bad hell would be..

      Allah state rules in Al-Quran, but there are so many who ignores them. what ever law that man kind made to curb this is somehow breakable.

      as human, what we can do is put an effort, we can say it by giving advice, we can do it by putting those banner or we can just pray to Allah by heart, it is part of Iman that we have.

      have u ever think that that very banner may inspire other, even a single human being because someone make an effort?

      some people may rebel, and show more bad attitude around that very banner, human with akal, should use them wisely, before its been taken, cause its not them to keep, it is Allah property.

      we are all His.and we will return to Him.
    • GUEST
      salam...guysss... at least they do something.. how about u? that is the least that they can do..whether all these people want to stop their activities, it is all up to them.. that's one form of the dakwah, right? even our prophet encountered the same probs.. those people who dont want to listen to His dakwah... but at the end people realized who is right n wrong...so, thanked to them who put this banner... =)

      no hard feeling ok!
    • Guest
      No dating?
      Who are they to decide something is wrong and right?This is ridiculous..no wonder until now Malaysia never progress to anywhere.We should not be call as developing country. Malaysia had already gone back to ice age..worst than 3rd world countries.
      Next came up would be no sitting together between males and females because it encourage sexual desires?
    • sam
      religion is a belief...not a tax
    • Broca
      Yea...I must agree with the club. They want to save our girls, young and innocent, from irresponsible guys out there who take advance on so called 'prove your love with sex'?

      I think this must me national agenda as well. Let's community be aware that 'sexual act without legal agreement (marriage)' is a harassment and considered as criminal. Each sexual act should be based not only love, but also some legal basis and fully responsible as to protect our girls, especially young generations who know nothing but 'wanna try' attitude!

    • hahaha!
      *clap clap clap* xD
    • andy pettitte rocks
      those who free sex the most are the muslims. FACT. FACE IT. end of.
    • Be factual not sensual
      Hahaha....That's why the banner only in the Islamic U...???
    • U all Loser
      people. talk with wisdom yeah.
      fact is.
      in one day...100 000 people are dying...and 30% of them are muslims..face it! others are non muslims...do u really think that we are happy when 70% of the others dying in sins? but atleast we always alert one and another about dead and sins. to those who in ignorance..all u can think is dating is good?

      Face it! non muslims breed more wed-locks..do u guys actually proud of it? while in love..u give everything..and when sumthng happend..u dump and leave everythng..u leave a girl with no husband. and a child with no father..

      soo...do remembering one and another is bad thing? so then u said..muslims practice free sex..if it is true..than what this University did..is a good thing! THINK!
    • Like Hello?
      Omg how did you get your stats so distorted? Even better, where did you get those numbers from??!

      I'm laughing sooo hard here hahahahahah! Gosh, someone's trying so hard to act and sound educated and informed.
    • Td
      I think that banner doesnt reflect the 'true' meaning of islam. Although the thought is good the approach isn't. I think putting such labels creates an unwanted impression of islam.

      Overzealously banning without educating and awareness will bring more bad than good.

      andy pettitte rocks, malay doesnt mean muslim ... on the contrary if one is a true muslim they will not do such a thing, please find time to understand the meaning of being a muslim.
    • fact
      so, if it is true...why bother them??
    • at least...
      hey guys, do not simply judge...at least they have done something...what 've u done??if they dont want 2 hear our advice, it is their porblems. why simply judging others...its wrong wut they did??they did not encourage u to do wrong...because it name IIUM, people can make a judgement??camoon guys,isnt our country is an islmic country??others univ should promote this also...plz think..
    • penang malaysia
      kanea maka cibai why u all so stupid waste the money to print no use brain wan
      ppl wan date or not date same la if someone no date no go out just simply kahwin end up siapa suffer stupid pig is even more clever then them
    • not penang
      pening la lu punya ayat.
    • Madam Lim
      Kudos to the club....at least they save our girls from early exposure to HPV infection.....

      Keep it up...

    • ayat
      as a muslim, i think it is ok apa? What's wrong with that? is just a banner and put in the Islamic institution (IIUM), not in the public like Masjid India.who's going to benefit from it, with pleasure. who r not, no problem at all. no hard feeling ok:)
    • Uztaz
      U all Loser,
      70% non Muslim dying in sin!!,
      WHO R U TO JUDGE??
      U trying to tell the world that Muslims DON'T SIN??
      ONLY THE ALMIGHTY CAN JUDGE N SAY WHO SINNED!! be they Muslim or Kafir.
    • NH
      this is one of d efforts of uia in attempts to curb the dating problem, AT LEAST in the campus.
      like stated in the hadith; (sorry i cant find the english translation)


      عَنْ أَبِي سَعِيْد الْخُدْرِي رَضِيَ اللهُ عَنْهُ قَالَ : سَمِعْتُ رَسُوْلَ اللهِ صلى الله عليه وسلم يَقُوْلُ : مَنْ رَأَى مِنْكُمْ مُنْكَراً فَلْيُغَيِّرْهُ بِيَدِهِ، فَإِنْ لَمْ يَسْتَطِعْ فَبِلِسَانِهِ، فَإِنْ لَمْ يَسْتَطِعْ فَبِقَلْبِهِ وَذَلِكَ أَضْعَفُ اْلإِيْمَانِ

      [رواه مسلم]

      Terjemah hadits / ترجمة الحديث :

      Dari Abu Sa’id Al Khudri radiallahuanhu berkata : Saya mendengar Rasulullah shollallohu ‘alaihi wa sallam bersabda : Siapa yang melihat kemunkaran maka rubahlah dengan tangannya, jika tidak mampu maka rubahlah dengan lisannya, jika tidak mampu maka (tolaklah) dengan hatinya dan hal tersebut adalah selemah-lemahnya iman.

      (Riwayat Muslim)

    • jannad
      i agree with NH. at least, they did something to instill awareness among the students and IIUM family as well. what about us???
      supposedly when we look upon the bunting we should feel ashamed with ourselves not belittle of the effort. in my opinion,when ppl look at the bunting, the will feel ashamed to date inside the campus..or the least that they can do is to avoid dating near the bunting. and with the awareness instilled within themselves, hopefully they will spread the awareness to their relatives and families. this is one of the ways we can do dakwah.
    • Peace
      Haha! Muslims are "so good". Hope they are really listen to their religion and stop the crime from happening.. Please listen to your GOD and do what He wanted you to do please. Please don't let me heard headline saying that Mr.A lost his life after rob by Mr.MOHDablablabla.


      ps-i dont mean non-muslim is good or bad. not trying to judge any-human.
    • Like Hello?
      Err, you guys do know the difference between dating and intercourse, right? Your postings tell me that obviously, you don't.
    • Anonymous
      Government should follow the initiatives by this Uni to put up Banners "No Rasuah"
    • Anonymous
      apa salah nye..
      mencegah lebih baih dari mengubat..
    • IIUM student
      it just an advice...its quiet good initiative...congrat MC!!
      and the most important is,the banner was approved by Student Devision of IIUM ( S-DEV)...

      **ALLAH ask us to do Dakwah (Amar ma'ruf , nahi mungkar***
    • Why do we care...?
      it is just a banner in Islamic U..why do we care...?? yeah,it just kind of advice...so,rilex sudeh...its not an issue or controversy...
    • Ganesan
      nothing wrong with that,its in Islamic U ,...so,we must respect it..

      1Malaysia,peace for all!
    yeah!!!! that is their places..
    up to them what they want to do,
    it is like home's rules.
    why you opposes thier right??

    ~ Let's Discover the Beauty of Islam ~


  1. myadlan says:

    Salam. Tahniah sebab bunting korang berjaya masuk dalam mass media, walaupun dikalangan blog tapi sedih la bila baca komen2 sume, sedih la sebab Islam macam dipandang rendah.

    Saja nak share yang ni.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Salam Sejahtera....
    Islam Rahmat utk Semua...
    Dlm mengira KeUtamaan, sprti yg di karang dlm Buku Fiqh Keutamaan Yusuf Qardhawi, sy kira lbh baik jikalau ruang utk semua komen2 di sini di tutup sementara...(Antara 2 risiko ringan & berat, pilih lah yg plg ringan...)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Asslamu'laikum.just want to ask all of you..have you provided any solution to this issue??i dont know what is ur real motive by highligting this bunting issue in ur blog..or,is it that u feel bangga that u get publicity??ya Alalh..I really2 dont understand what do you have in your mind.


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