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    Assalamu'alaikum to all..

    Insyaallah,for this year ( 2009 ),maruf club will organize many program that will give you more benefit and more enjoyable..alhamdulillah,last tenure had organized many successfull programme for all students & members. The first programme was Rehlah to Sungai Pisang. Alhamdulliah, many new students joined this programme and it was a precious success to MA'RUF CLUB. This programme filled with many benefical activities. The objectives are to strengthen the brotherhood among members and new students, to share knowledge and also to appreciate the gift from ALLAH that we never can challenge- the beautiful scenery of river, also the forest.

    Our memories:

    During HUMANITARIAN WEEK, Ma'ruf Club also has took part under CENSERVE. Many booths opened to all students, which also to promote the clubs to all, including Ma'ruf Club. Alhamdulillah, many guests came to visit us and most of them registered to become the committee members of Ma'ruf Club, especially new students. Thanks to all visitors!! ^_^

    Our memories :

    The second programme was MA'AL HIJRAH celebration, in collaboration with SHAH'S MOSQUE. This programme was held on 17th January 2008. The programme started after Maghrib prayer and end around 11 pm. The celebration began with performance by nasyid group, INTEAM. Then, the talk began. The speakers are Ustaz Wan Sohor Bani Leman, a lecturer of CENFOS (Center for Foundation Study) and Ustaz Hamid Jusoh, a lecturer from AIKOL and also Encik Nazrey Johani (ex-RAIHAN, nasyid group). The talk was about the meaning of hijrah in Islam and the concept itself. Alhamdulillah, many students attend that programme and may Allah bless us. Ameen..

    other previous program 07/08 :

    * Ummatic Talk
    * Creative Dakwah Workshop
    * Valentine Day Operation
    * UPSI visit
    * Discover The beauty of Quran
    * Down to Earth
    * Liqa Tafsir
    * and many more program that for sure had give many benefit for the members and students

    For this year ( 2009 ) program :

    *Ummatic Talk
    * Creative Dakwah Workshop
    * Journey Of Life
    Down to Earth
    * Trip

    * Community Service
    - Baktisiswa
    Liqa’ Tafsir
    * Islamic Book Fair
    * Writing Workshop

    * Iftar Jamaie

    And many other programs awaiting you. Don’t miss them!


  1. assalamualaikum!
    Actually...Ma'ruf Club got the 2nd place for the best stall during Humanitarian Week..Congratulation! good luck...

  1. YEah!
    wat a good news for members..!



  1. Anonymous says:


  1. Ma'ruf Club says:

    Thanks President.

    Actually I knew about that, but a lil bit confuse..hehe.

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