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    27 Rajab is one of the important date in Islamic history. We as Muslims should remember this historical day. What is so important about 27 Rajab??

    It is ISRA' MI'RAJ!! Do you still remember the day when Prophet Muhammad s.a.w became so sad because two of his beloved persons died? Then ALLAH gave this 'beautiful gift' for him..and it is Isra' Mi'raj..

    Thus, we would like to invite all of IIUM community to attend ISRA' MI'RAJ SPECIAL FORUM which will be held tomorrow.Insya Allah..

    Let's come and join us! Insya Allah we will get benefits from this forum. May ALLAH bless us..

  • Journey Of Life Assalamu’alaikum..

    Hye there, we meet here again!

    We would like to share MA’RUF CLUB’s programme on last Saturday & Sunday (19 & 20 July 2008). The JOURNEY OF LIFE’s programme was organized under Da’wah & Tarbiah Secretariat, and with other committee members of MA’RUF CLUB.

    The programme was started on Saturday’s night, which began with a motivational talk by Br. Aidit. In his talk, he stressed on our intention (nawaitu, niyyah) in our life, and also about the sacrifice and sense of helping each others, like what Mr. Muhammad Yunus has done in India. Mr. Muhammad Yunus is the founder of Grameen Bank. He believes that everybody can achieve success if they work hard and given opportunity to do well in their life. The same thing also goes on to the poor people, which before this cannot survive their life (in India). But when Mr. Muhammad Yunus gave opportunity to them (the poor people) by giving loan (small loan), it has proven that those poor people actually can pay back the money which has been borrowed. So? This also shows that we must trust each other, especially among Muslims.

    We sure that all participants (majority are new intake students) got the benefits from the talk, especially in understanding the scientific study of human. The next slot is a slot about the reminder of death (Sakaratul Maut). The slot was conducted by Br. Ismail Sabri, the senior member in Ma’ruf Club. This slot was really touching and gave a big wakefulness in our heart.

    The next slot was Qiamullail and congregational prayer at mosque (SHAH’S Mosque).

    The next day, all participants went to Sungai Pisang. For those who never been there, for sure that was a memorable and precious moment for them! At that river, all participants divided into their own groups and all of them have to go through all checkpoints along the river (5 checkpoints at all).

    • 1st checkpoint – stressed on the cooperation among group members
    • 2nd checkpoint – stressed on the ideas and vocabulary in language
    • 3rd checkpoint – stressed on the creativity in solving problems
    • 4th checkpoint - stressed on the sense of believe in our friends
    • 5th checkpoint – stressed on the briskness in completing task

    From this programme, we can conclude that we as human cannot be a good human if we just rely on our mind and neglect our iman and akhlaq (attitude) because this combination will lead us to be a good human, a good leader and a good servant of Allah.



    Assalamu'alaikum to dearest brothers and sisters

    We would like to invite all of IIUM students to MA’RUF CLUB MASS GATHERING as below:

    Let’s come and join us!

    May Allah bless us, insya Allah ^_^

  • Do we care about our appearance? Assalamu’alaikum our dear brothers and sisters..

    We would like to ask all of you this question. Do you care about your appearance? How did you dress up everyday? Tidy? Messy?

    We have to know and realize that ISLAM always encourages us to be cleaned and tidy. It doesn’t mean we cannot wear something beautiful or looks classy. But the most important thing is our attire must cover our aurah, especially for the female. Covering the aurah means the attire that you wear must cover all your aurah and the attire is not tight. If you wear something which already considered as covering aurah but it is tight, then it does not considered as covering your aurah.
    As Muslims, we have to look at everything in our life including our appearance to ensure that we are not against the Allah’s command. We are very sure that all of you already know about the parts of our body which have to be covered. Thus, we hope that all of us especially the IIUM community can follow the university’s dress code because the rules and regulations are not made by the university, but it is an absolute command from ALLAH to all Muslims.

    Nowadays, the situation shows that many female students did not covering their aurah in dressing up. We have to realize that it is our responsibilities towards ourselves in obeying the commands from ALLAH. We also have to keep the pride of our university’s name because we are studying in International ISLAMIC University Malaysia. The title of ‘ISLAMIC’ brings a big responsibility to all of us because our university is differs from other universities.

    In other word, we also can remind ourselves by scrutinizing this sentence “Which want do you prefer, live happily here (worldly life) or in the hereafter?”.

    Think about it…..

    Wassalam =)



    Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah, the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful. Prayers and peace be upon our prophet Muhammad S.A.W, his family and his companions.

    First and foremost, thank you to the editorial team for giving me an opportunity to share something in this welcoming edition. Not to forget thanks for their hard work in publishing this newsletter. It is hope that with this publication, it will become the medium for us the management board of MA’RUF CLUB to spread our thoughts, news and information directly to the IIUM community.

    As the new semester just begins, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome and congratulate to the new intake students to the Garden of Knowledge and Virtue. Ahlan wa sahlan wa marhaban bikum. I really hope that it is easy for all of you to suit yourself with the new environment here.

    Brothers and sisters,
    It is our target that MA’RUF CLUB will become one of the leading societies who promote Islamic awareness in this university and at the same time not to neglect the ummatic issue that arise around us. In line with that, various activities and programme has been planned to be carried out through this semester. We hope to have a successful tenure ahead, with more students joining the activities and more participation in order to reach our goal to have a good relationship with the IIUM community.

    Let us use wisely our years of studying here seeking knowledge and experiences without neglecting the ultimate purposes as Muslims that is to get please from Allah. It should be an honour for us being selected to study here in IIUM which promote Islamic environment. Therefore on our shoulder lie responsibilities to potray the beautiful of Islamic teaching to the community outside there.

    Lastly, on behalf of the management board of MA’RUF CLUB, we will try our best to be more professional in every aspect we are dealing with.

    Wassalam =)

  • Do we care about ADAB? Assalamu'alaikum..

    ADAB. ADAB is a way of doing something in good manner. This word is very close to our religion, ISLAM. It is because in Islam, we have particular ADAB in doing everything. And those ADAB usually will be followed by DU'A. Do we know the DU'A? Especially the daily DU'A. Since our childhood, we have been taught about ADAB, especially ADAB with our parents and teachers.


    ADAB in eating
    ADAB in sleeping
    ADAB in visiting people
    ADAB in learning
    ADAB in communicating with other people
    ADAB in having entertainment
    and many more..

    Here, we would like to share about ADAB in visiting our friend's room. As we know, of course before we enter the room, we have to give SALAM. Give SALAM until the owner of the room invite us to come in. But if we give SALAM for 3 times and the owner was not there,so we have to go back. If we the owner (or our friend) invite us to come in, do not look around the room or criticize the things in the room because it is not a good attitude as Muslim/Muslimah. Not to forget,do not take a long time while you visiting your friend unless he/she invite you to stay longer. If your friend want to give something, just accept it. If you dont want to have it, say something soft which will not hurt your friend =)

    The same thing goes on when you visiting other blogger's blog. When you want to say something, please do not use harsh words in expressing your feelings or opinions. We have to respect the owner of the blog. If someone say something harsh to you, what will you feel? Happy? Comfort? For sure you will not feel any positive feelings, right?

    Ok, that's all for today..Sorry for any mistakes from us.

    Wassalam =)


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