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  • Look..see..then...you will know. If you take a look at the following picture , what can you see?Let me tell you one thing. This picture is not animated.Really???But, its moving! No, the truth is it is not moving.Your eyes are making it move. ???To test this, stare at one spot for a couple seconds and everything will stop moving. ???Or look at the black center of each circle and it will stop mov ing. ???But move your eyes to the next black center and the previous will move after you take your eyes away from it…. ???Weird ???

    Let's have a test by looking at this picture! =)

    Got the fact? ;)


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    Anyone of you want to contact us, you can do as follow:

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    Tel. No. :
    +6017 9350214

    Ma’ruf Club, Censerve Team Unit,
    Student Development Division (S-DEV),
    Office of the Deputy Rector (Student and Alumni Affairs),
    International Islamic University Malaysia, Jalan Gombak, 53100,

    Selangor Darul Ehsan

    Insyaallah, we will assist you as best as we can :)

  • FAMILY DAY ^_^

    On 7th June 2008, Ma’ruf Club organized a Family Day to all members. It started around 8:00 am and finished around 12 noon. Alhamdulillah, many students come and join this programme.

    The objectives of the Family Day are to strengthen the brotherhood among students and also the spirit of statehood between state’s members’. On that day, members were divided into states and there were 9 groups overall for the game of ‘EXPLORACE’. Alhamdulillah, all group members gave their good cooperation during the game =) Every group have to go to 6 checkpoints and they have to answer all the questions asked by the committees at each checkpoint. All questions are related to states in Malaysia. So, its all about history and geography! ;) Happy, right? ^_^

    To all members, we seek for your apologize for any circumstances during the programme. Just for fun ! ^_^

    Some of our actions..hehe :

    For more pictures, click here

    Ok, that's all..

    Wassalam =)

  • UMMATIC TALK_report Assalamu’alaikum..

    These are some important points from the GRAND UMMATIC TALK programme on 5th June 2008. Between the freedom of expression and religious sensitivity, how to solve it?

    As we know, Islam nowadays has bad impressions by the western and also other people who do not like Islam. Many of them said Islam peoples are terrorists, especially after the September 11 case. But the question is, is it true?

    How to solve these challenges?

    --> Through iman and knowledge

    We as Muslims must have knowledge, especially in Islamic teachings. But it is not enough if we only have knowledge but put aside iman. Iman and knowledge must be together and work together. Iman without knowledge is useless.

    How about the Islamaphobia?

    This is a new term that we have to destroy and neglect it. This term was given by the western because of many things. The most obvious reasons are because of the ignorance, hatred ness, and also love the power. Non-Muslims are afraid to get to know Islam because they think that Islam will cut off their independence when they convert to Islam especially in their life, economic and other matters.

    Thus, we have to make them clear about Islam and the beauty of Islam. Islam prohibits riba in economy because it will burden the borrowers or debtors. Furthermore, it shows that Islam is ‘adil (fair) in doing something because Islam did not ask to increase the price of money if the debtors cannot pay the debt in exact time.

    These are some examples that can be shared here. If all of you have any opinions or suggestions or comments, don’t be hesitated to jot down here =)


  • Ummatic Talk Assalamu'alaikum..

    Insya Allah UMMATIC TALK will meet you again!
    Day : Thursday
    Time : 8pm-11pm
    Venue : Mini Auditorium
    Come and join us!! =)
    May Allah bless us..
    Wassalam =)

  • Line Up Ma'ruf Club 08/09
    Line Up Ma’ruf Club Organization IIUM 2008/2009

    Mohd Faridzul Bin M. Nasaruddin
    (Laws/3rd Year)

    Vice President 1:
    Muhammad Zaki Bin Sukery
    ( Laws/2nd Year)

    Vice President II:
    Nurul Suhadah Bt Shuib
    (Laws/3rd Year)

    Secretary General:
    Mohd. Zikrulamin Bin Abd Wahab
    (Econs/2nd Year)

    Assistence Secretary:
    Huda Bt Nordin
    (Laws/3rd Year)

    Mohd Suffian Bin Mohd Donia
    ( QS/4th Year )

    Secretariat of Dakwah & Tarbiah:

    Fakhrul Zaki Bin Fazial (Econs/3rd Year)
    Siti Ruqayah Bt Mohd Akashah (Engine/4th Year)

    Secretariat Of Public Relation :

    Nik Hafrez Affiq Bin Mohd Ghazali (TASL/3rd Year)
    Ida Rayani Bt Muhamad (Laws/4th Year)

    Secretariat Of Info,Publication & Multimedia :

    Mohd Ridhuan Bin Che Husin (Econs/3rd Year)
    Nur Shahidat Bt Mohamed ( QS/3rd Year )

    Secretariat Of International Affairs:

    S.Abd Mun’em Bin S.Abd.Rahman (Engine/4th Year)
    Sulia Syazwani Bt Mohd Sanusi ( Laws/4th Year )

    Secretariat Of Welfare:

    Mohd Hilmi Bin Che Mahdi ( Edu/ 3rd Year )
    Suraya Bt Mohd Norddin ( IRK/4th Year )

    Secretariat Of Economics :

    Abdul Raof Bin Othman ( ICT/2nd Year )
    Fadzilah Bt Abu Hassan ( IRK/ 4th Year)


.::Ahlan Wasahlan::.

.::Ahlan Wasahlan::.

Academic Calendar Sem 1 09/10

Academic Calendar Sem 1 09/10

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