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  • About Ma'ruf Club


    Ahlan wasahlan, welcome to this blog - MA'RUF CLUB of IIUM. This blog will share with you the beauty of Islam, as well as the activities and the information of Ma'ruf Club itself .so,stay tuned with us:)

    About Ma'ruf Club

    To establish tawhid through amar ma’ruf nahi munkar

    To generate a true Islamic (Quranic) community at IIUM

    i) Islamizing the IIUM environment

    ii) Integrating the IIUM community

    i) Fostering good relationship with the IIUM community by spreading dakwah that is friendly, effective and conform to the populace trend of preferences.

    ii) Fostering strong ties between executive members and ordinary members of Ma'ruf Club, and also to maximize their full potential.

    iii) Organizing programs for the IIUM community as well as the unfortunate public with professionalism in every aspects.


  1. Congratulations! to Ma'ruf Club for creating this blog...May others will benefit from it.

  1. TAHNIAH buat barisan exc0 MC 07/08!!
    MABRUK ilaikum!


  1. bila nak update ni....:) tak sabar nak bace

  1. humaira' says:

    salam...kat iium kuantan ada x ma'ruf club nie??going 2 ktn soon..

  1. Anonymous says:

    sya berminat nk join this club..cmne nk join club ni??

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Academic Calendar Sem 1 09/10

Academic Calendar Sem 1 09/10

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