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  • What wrong have we done??

    On the 25th of December, Ma'ruf Club had put up banners around IIUM, welcoming new students to this garden of knowledge and virtue.Unfortunately, only two days later,the banners were sabotaged by an anonymous person who irresponsibly splashed them with red paint. What wrong have Ma'ruf Club done to make us deserve to be treated like this?

    Nevertheless, Ma'ruf Club thanks this unknown person for doing this to us. In a way it shows that they are concerned with our activities. However, as Muslims, they are not supposed to do such things to other fellow Muslims. Sabotaging others ideas (in this case, da'wah through banner) is not a Muslim's way of correcting other Muslims (however in this case, we do not see any wrong with what Ma'ruf Club had done).

    Ma'ruf Club welcomes any ideas, suggestions or even critics in order to improve our club. Nevertheless, we thank all of you for your heartfelt support towards Ma'ruf Club. May this new year 1430H brings us all the blessings and barakah from Allah. Allahumma amin.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ahasibannas ayyutraku an yakulu amanna wahum la yuftanun....

    bese lah tu. juak-juak yang dengki ngan gerak kerja dakwah pasti dan pasti akan muncul ditengah-tengah masyarakat UIA.

    jgn bacul la! be a jantan man la

  1. Ma'ruf Club says:

    ntah la..dirang ni main sorok2 plak..dekat nak PRK la katakan..dirg nak gertak la tue..

  1. 'izzahUlfah says:

    Memang tak patut betul la pihak yang buat macam ni..Tak baik menzalimi orang lain.

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