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    Assalamu'alaikum our dearest brothers and sisters..

    Did all of you notice about the changes of attire for the IIUM Convocation (starting this coming convocation - the 23rd Covocation)?

    What's your opinion about this changes?



    INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA, an international and islamic university, has its own uniqeness and privileges in studying and the environment or biah itself. Thus, many things in this university are different than other universities.

    The vision and mission of IIUM also have its own identity. One of the mission is ISLAMIZATION. Thus, it the target or the objective of this university is to uphold Islamic teaching and environment, so that it can produce graduates from IIUM with Islamic background and knowledge.

    The method of learning in this university also different from other universities. Every kulliyyah (courses) must learn basic Islamic subjects no matter from which kulliyyah the students are taking. Either laws, economic, human sciences, engineering, ICT or other kulliyyah, everything must related to Islamic aspect.

    The changes of new robe and mortar board for this coming convocation day is a new issue of IIUM because the decision made without any discussion with lecturers or students. Although it will give a new image to IIUM, but many students feel that the action taken was not right. At least, the administration of IIUM should remain the songkok as the attire for brothers during convocation day.

    Brothers and sisters, do you have any comment regarding this issue? Share with us! =)



  1. I agree to change jubah & remain songkok. This is our identity. In, my opinion in oder to celebrate 25TH of IIUM, the authority should spend more money to improve Mahallah & Kuliyyah facilities for the convenience of the students.

  1. Ummu Auni says:

    refer to this link on differing opinions regarding the new attire


  1. Anonymous says:

    saya ex IIUM.. 6th batch...
    apa yg berlaku di IIUM.. Gombak .. dah x sama yg berlaku di PJ, PD or Subang Jaya

    sedih IIUM di perkotak katik kan..
    di manakah international ISLAMC University identity ?

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